1. mortisia:

    Toilette aux courses (Outfits for Races occasion).
    Deauville, 1906 France. 

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  2. fripperiesandfobs:

    Drécoll suit ca. 1911-14

    From Kerry Taylor Auctions via Live Auctioneers

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  3. amortentiafashion:


    Eugene Feuillatre, French, c. 1900

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  4. benedictcumberreichenbach:

    Yes, yes. My Tom Hiddleston trap has been completed.

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  5. torrilla:

    Adam playing with Adam’s apple

  6. hiddleslokid:

    Adam and Eve from “Only Lovers Left Alive" deleted scenes

    featuring the very rare item Smiling!Adam and the less rare item ReallyTiredOfYourshit!Adam

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